Feather Flags

Feather Flags, Banner Flags for Advertising and Promotional Events

Designed for outdoor and indoor use, digitally printed corporate feather flags and banners are a fantastic way to gain brand awareness

All our feather flags are made with full quality assurance and our range offers everything from Standard Traditional Flags, to F-Banner & S-Banner Event Promotional Feather Flags, in addition to our new range of Back Pack Flags and are widely used within event and exhibition promotional items.

Feather Flags (S-Banner Promotional )

S Banner Promotional Feather Flags

The S Banner Flags are based on our original Feather Flag concept but are now a much-improved product. The introduction of a sectional pole has increased look and feel as well as increased the overall strength.

The 3 most popular sizes are shown below but – we can go Super Size if you really want to blow the competition away! The Large, Medium and Small flags are the most popular style for outdoor use and we offer an indoor mini version which comes with 3 screw in legs.

Three sizes available:

SS Small Pole: 2.85m Flag: 2.00m x 0.65m
SM Medium Pole: 3.90m Flag: 2.80m x 0.70m
SL Large Pole: 5.20m Flag: 3.80M x 0.80m
Feather Flags (F-Banner Promotional)

F Banner Promotional Flags

The F Banner Flags – sometimes known as Teardrop Flags – are most commonly used indoors but are equally at home outside. They look great, adding a modern look and feel to the product. The material stays taut at all times being tensioned by the flexible pole.

Three sizes available:

FS Small Pole: 2.85m Flag: 1.80m x 0.65m
FM Medium Pole: 4.30m Flag: 2.80m x 0.75m
FL Large Pole: 5.65m Flag: 4.10M x 1.20m
H-Banner Flags

H Banner Promotional Flags

H Banner Flags are the third most popular design and are a bit more formal than the S or F Banners.

Three sizes available:

HS Small Flag Size: 1.7m x 0.70m
HM Medium Flag Size: 2.5m x 0.70m
HL Large Flag Size: 3.4m x 0.70m
Traditional Flags

Traditional Flags

These can tradition and car flags be square, rectangular (landscape or portrait) and triangular – virtually any shape or size is possible. Flagpoles and flag stands also come in a variety of versions, just tell us the height you want your flag to flay at, and indicate what sort of ground your are fixing to (or if you want it mobile i.e. under wheel stand for use next to cars or trailers) and we will discuss the options with you.

The In-Store Flag

The In-store Flag

The In-store Flag is an ideal in-store or exhibition promotional item – these mini versions of either the Feather Flag or the Banner Flag can be made to any size, the most popular being 2.4m pole length (about 1.80m when compressed). These items come ready to go complete with flag, telescopic pole, and three screw-in feet and are packed two pieces in one protective carry bag.

Backpack Flags

NEW Back Pack Flags

Our NEW Back Pack Flags are a quick and easy to use, very cost effective flag display system. Ideal for large crowd situations where you want to distribute leaflets, products or information as well as promote your brand. A brilliant way to promote events and advertise your company at any location or exhibition.

R-Banner Flags

R Banner Flags

The R Banner Flags are a mix of the traditional rectangular flags and the other products that we offer. This unique product has a horizontal pole at the top to keep the flag ‘flying’ no matter what the weather. Even indoors the rectangular flag will “fly”. There are two standard sizes but if these are not right for you then we’ll make custom flags and poles to suit your needs.

Three sizes available:

R Banner Large/Medium – 4m Pole, 1.0m x 1.0m Flag
R Banner Large/Large – 4m Pole, 1.5m x 1.0m Flag
R Banner Medium/Medium – 3m Pole, 1.0m x 1.0m Flag
R Banner Medium/Large – 3m Pole, 1.5m x 1.0m Flag


Erection of all flags is really simple and a matter of common sense. It takes only seconds from start to finish. Once erect, the pole can then be fixed to other objects, used with a flag stand or attached to a slat wall with suitable fittings.

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