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Flagpoles and Flag Stands

It's one thing buying a flag and pole - it's quite another figuring out how you are going to fix it! You can, of course, tie the poles to other objects but this is not always the answer. We have a range of stand bases for use indoor and out, on any surface and for any event. If we don't have it available ex-stock - we'll make it for you. Our job is to solve the problem.

Securing your Flags & Banners

We offer a multitude of different types of Stand Bases. Note that the base internal diameter of all our flag poles up to and including the 5.2m pole is 14.8mm. All spindles will accommodate the 14.8mm internal diameter of the pole. The 'In store' flag stands come with 3 screw in legs.

Feather flags

Water Bags

Stand Supports come in square and round to add weight to your cross base for additional stability

Custom tents

Fixed Cross Base Stand

This base is ideal for indoor use although it can be used outdoors with either the round or square water bag stand supports to add extra weight. The Vertical Rotating spindle is incorporated into the design.  The legs of the stand have holes at the end so it can be pegged or bolted down to other surfaces.  Collapses easily for storage and carrying and comes with a carry bag. 

Promotional tents


The most popular is the simple Ground Spike which you hammer into the ground.

Hexagon tents


A large Cross Base Stand for use with the larger flags this also has the ability to be used on uneven ground - even slopes. In stronger winds care must be taken and additional U pegs used to fix this stand to soft ground.

Feather banners


Vertical Spindle stand which is used for fixing to other objects.


Spindle for use on walls or fence posts flying flags vertically (0º)


Spindle for use on walls or fence posts flying flags at 25º

Stand Bases | Ground Screw


Ground Screw Spike is suitable for softer ground such as sand/earth etc.

Stand Bases | Car-Stand


This is a straightforward steel plate (700mm long) with the VS3 stand at one end. Simply park your car or trailer wheel over the end. For longer distances away from the vehicle, to display the flag in front or behind the vehicle or to display 2 flags on the same stand simply bolt 2 of these together producing a length of approximately 1400mm) Each plate provided with 6 nuts & bolts to facilitate this.


Simply slides around the wheel with no necessity to move the actual vehicle/trailer. Integrates the standard Vertical Spindle.  Folds for easy transport or storage.

Solving the problem

No matter what your terrain - indoor or outdoor - we will probably be able to find a solution for you - if you do not see a suitable flag base here then please email us.

Of course the poles can also be tied to other objects and you do not have to use a base for them to work effectively.

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